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Introduction to Gangpu

  Ningbo Gangpu Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. is a wholly foreign-owned enterprise integrating R&D, production, sales, installation and engineering services. It takes “Hong Kong Pu Illuminating the World” as its corporate mission and “Let China's national lighting brand become an international high-end market”. "For the vision, with commercial lighting as the core, supplemented by outdoor lighting, home lighting and other LED lighting products, with core products to drive development, to create a comprehensive, high-quality LED lighting product line. Products cover LED indoor lighting, LED industrial lighting, LED landscape lighting, LED light source electrical appliances, LED road lighting, intelligent control system, five categories of more than 100 categories.
  As a high-quality brand in the field of LED lighting in China, Gangpu Lighting has excellent quality and rich product line...
  • From chip to finished product Production competition in all areas of LED lighting

    Vision LED has a vertically integrated structure in all LED lighting fields, and it can stably supply customers with products in all LED lighting fields.

  • To cultivate the strongest technical strength in the field of lighting Continuous research and development

    Every year, LEDs are constantly expanding their personnel and research and development personnel in the LED field. LED Lighting continues to invest in creating a new future for LED lighting.

  • Have the ability to provide customers with a total solution Lighting design strength

    Gangpu has a strong lighting design studio, and is also equipped with the most advanced lighting design technology in the world. Through the application of lighting, the ever-changing effect of the building is realized, and its value is widely recognized.

  • Advanced SCM system for customers to deliver products on time

    It has the SCM ability to supply products to customers in a timely and correct manner by grasping and refreshing information such as product information and inventory in real time.

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